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Thermoreactor AL125

For the digestion of tube tests


Thermoreactor AL125

Thermoreactor AL125Chemical digestion of samples is required for the photometric determination of COD, TOC, total phosphate and total nitrogen.

The required temperatures and reaction time can be selected by using the membrane keypad of the reactor AL125. The unit works at three different temperatures (100 / 120 / 150 °C) and three pre-set reaction times 30 / 60 / 120 minutes). When digestion is complete, the reactor automatically switches off and gives a corresponding LED indication with short beep alarm.

The AL125 reactor is fitted with 24 holes for 16 mm diameter vials.

For the digestion of:

  • COD (150°C)
  • Total Chromium (100°C)
  • Total Phosphate (100°C)
  • Total Nitrogen (100°C)
  • TOC (120°C)

Catalogue extract

The Catalogue extract for the Thermoreactor AL125 with more information, technical data and order codes can be downloaded as a PDF » Thermoreactor AL125 PDF