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Minikit AQUALYTIC Test Kit Arsenic Test Kit
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Thermostatschrank Labor-Kuehlschrank
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Dual Beam Technology and Interference Filters for highest accuracy


The images can be downloaded here as a zip. archive in high resolution.


  • al450
  • al450
  • al450


  • A wide range of pre-programmed methods
  • Long-term stable LEDs as light sources
  • Update of new methods and languages via Internet (free of charge)
  • Interface
  • Memory for 1000 data sets
  • Mobile



The AL450 is a contemporary, microprocessor-controlled photometer with ergonomically designed keypad and largeformat graphic display. It is equipped with a wide range of pre-programmed methods based on the proven range of AQUALYTIC tablet reagents, liquid reagents, tube tests and powder reagents (VARIO Powder Packs). Users can also store their own methods.AQUALYTIC AL450

The AL450 is a filter photometer using interference filters at 6 different wavelengths. The unique design of the optics allows the automatic selection of the required wavelength without any moving parts. This and the dual beam technology utilizing an internal reference channel, guarantees the highest accuracy.

For portable use, the instrument operates with seven standard rechargeable batteries (supplied). These batteries are available all over the world and are easily changed. The integrated intelligent charge controller allows simultaneous operation of the unit and battery charging (using the supplied power pack). The AL450 also operates without a power pack by using alkaline manganese batteries.

The entire instrument, including sample chamber (the most critical component of any photometer) and battery compartment, is waterproof, ensuring that no water comes in contact with the electronic components.

Delivery Content: The instrument is supplied complete and ready-to-use incl. 7 rechargeable batteries and mains charger, 100-240 V, PC connection cable, 3 x 24 mm vials, 3 x 16 mm vials, 1 adapter for 16 mm vials, 3 syringes of various sizes, 1 plastic beaker 100 ml, carrying case with water resistance foam, but without reagents. Please specify the reagents or parameters required at time of order.

N.I.S.T. Traceability

The instrument has a factory calibration, which is related to internal standards, which are not N.I.S.T traceable. The instrument may be calibrated by the user in a „user calibration mode“ with N.I.S.T traceable standards.
(N.I.S.T. = National Institute of Standards and Technology)


With the help of an external mathematical program, the corresponding polynomial is created from data pairs (concentration/absorption). A known polynomial may also be used. 25 order polynomials (y = A+Bx+Cx2 +Dx3 +EX4 + FX5) can be stored together with user-specific parameters such as wavelength, measuring range, unit and number of decimals.


This function can be used to measure 2 to 14 known standards. On the basis of the concentrations/absorption pairs obtained, the photometer will calculate a linear interpolation between the measured points. Up to 10 methods can be stored for further sample measurements.

Verification Standard Kit

The Verification standard kit for the AL450 is designed to reassure the user about the accuracy and the reliability of the results. The shelf life of the Verification standard kit is two years from the date of production, provided that storage and use are in accordance with the instructions provided.
Measurements are taken in mAbs.

Verification Standard Kit 4215650

Catalogue extract

The Cat­a­logue ex­tract for the AL450 with more in­for­ma­tion, tech­ni­cal data and order codes can be down­load­ed as a PDF » AL450 PDF