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Minikit AQUALYTIC Test Kit Arsenic Test Kit
Checkit Comparator Comparator 2000+
AL10 AL15 SD 300 SD
AL250 AL400 AL450 AL800
Thermostatschrank Labor-Kuehlschrank
  • Rapid Tests
  • Comparator
  • Hand-Held Meters
  • Photometer
  • Turbidity
  • Temperer
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Microprocessor controlled photometer for the modern wateranalysis


The images can be downloaded here as a zip. archive in high resolution.


  • al200
  • al200
  • al200


  • Scroll Memory
  • Automatic Switch-Off
  • Real-Time-Clock and Date
  • Calibration mode indicator
  • Backlit Display
  • Storage Function
  • One Time Zero (OTZ)
  • Waterproof*)

*) as defined in IP 68, 1 hour at 0.1 meter, buoyant


Designed to meet the latest technical requirements, the AL200 photometer can be used in practically every area of water analysis.

The high-precision optics with its top-quality interference filters uses long-term stable LEDs as light-source. Because there are no moving parts, the entire measurement device requires absolutely no maintenance.

Precise and reproducible analysis results are obtained in
a short time. The units impress with their user-friendliness, ergonomic design, compact dimensions and easy handling.

The tests are conducted using either AQUALYTIC® tablet reagents with long-term stability and a guaranteed minimum 5 or 10 year shelf life or using liquid reagents.

Delivery Content: Each AL200 is supplied in a case complete with 9 V battery, 3 round vials with cap, tablets and/or liquid reagents or VARIO Powder Packs, accessories, instruction manual, guarantee sheet and a certificate of compliance.

Scroll Memory (SM)

For multi-parameter instruments, the order of the various methods is determined. To avoid unnecessary scrolling for the required test method, the instrument memorizes the last method used before switching off the instrument. When the instrument is switched on again, the scroll list comes up with the last used test method first. This allows for faster access to favored methods.

Manufacturers Test Certificate M

Besides the “Certificate of Compliance” which is supplied with the AL200, manufacturers test certificates M are available at cost on request. Manufacturers test certificates M are individually supplied per instrument and per method.

The manufacturers test certificate M has to be ordered together with the new instrument and cannot be delivered at a later stage.

Data Transfer

The optional available IRiM (infra-red interface modul) uses modern infra-red technology to transmit measurement data from the AL200 photometer to one of 3 optional interfaces. These interfaces can be used to connect to a PC, a USB printer1) or alternatively a serial printer2).

The unit is supplied complete with data logging software providing easy and rapid transfer of data to the PC. As an option, the data can be saved as an Excel sheet or a .txt file.

Measurement data can quickly be printed out, using a specified1) USB or alternatively a printer with a serial plug-in connected to the IRiM.

Applicable for the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

1)USB printer: HP Deskjet 6940 ; 2) each ASCII printer 

Verification Standard Kit

The verification standard kit for the AL200 is designed to assure the user of the accuracy and the reliability of the results.
The kit contains one zero standard, 6 different vials for checking 6 different wave lengths and allows checking the complete range of AL200 photometers.
The shelf life of the verification standard kit is two years from the date of production, provided that storage and use are in accordance with the instructions provided.
Measurements are taken in mAbs.

Verification Standard Kit 4215670

Catalogue extract

The Cat­a­logue ex­tract for the AL200 with more in­for­ma­tion, tech­ni­cal data and order codes can be down­load­ed as a PDF » AL250 PDF