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Minikit AQUALYTIC Test Kit Arsenic Test Kit
Checkit Comparator Comparator 2000+
AL10 AL15 SD 300 SD
AL250 AL400 AL450 AL800
Thermostatschrank Labor-Kuehlschrank
  • Rapid Tests
  • Comparator
  • Hand-Held Meters
  • Photometer
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CHECKIT® Comparator

with continuous colour scale (Discs) -easy – low cost – precise – reliable


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  • Easy operation and exact reagent dosing
  • High accuracy
  • Tablet reagents with a minimum guaranteed shelf life of 5/10 years
  • Unrestricted shipment
  • Safe storage


CHECKIT® Comparator

The AQUALYTIC® CHECKIT® Comparator is a compact, handy colorimetric unit which is suitable both for mobile and stationary analysis work. Supplied with a generous number of different colour scales, it provides the basis for a comprehensive, easy to-use colorimetric analysis system. AQUALYTIC CheckitComparator

The CHECKIT® Comparator D55 enables the use of large path lengths. The mirror optics makes use of the view through the entire length of the cell.


Each CHECKIT® Disc contains a continuous colour scale which makes it possible to achieve an exact colour match between the colour standard and the sample. These CHECKIT®  are specially manufactured in selected materials to remain colour-stability over a long period and guarantee reliable, reproducible measurement results.

Instruction manuals explaining the various stages of analysis in simple, straightforward terms, are supplied with each CHECKIT® Disc.


AQUALYTIC CheckitComparator KofferTogether with the CHECKIT® Comparator, each test kit includes CHECKIT® Discs, cells, stirring rod and AQUALYTIC® tablet reagents (for 30 tests) for the desired test.

The test kits are supplied in a sturdy and handy plastic case. The operating instructions provide a step-by-step explanation of how to conduct the water test, ensuring that even „nonchemists” can achieve reliable and accurate measurements in the minimum of time.


The Testpak is a simple and cost-effective means of extending the use of an existing CHECKIT® Comparator instrument to a new test parameter.

Each Testpak contains the required CHECKIT® Disc, tablet reagents (normally for 30 tests), two cells, stirring rod and detailed instructions for the desired method. Please contact our sales departments for further information:

Catalogue extract

The Catalogue extract for the CHECKIT® Comparator with more information, technical data and order codes can be downloaded as a PDF » CheckitComparator PDF